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Card Sorting

When we design a product, we choose words and group content to help users use the product. Those decisions form the basis of the product’s “information architecture.” To combat against our biases, we run design exercises. One exercise is called card sorting.

Parsing Embedded JSON and Arrays in Swift

In the previous posts (first post , second post ) about parsing JSON in

Swift we saw how to use functional programming concepts and generics to make

JSON decoding consise and readable. We left off last time creating a custom

operator that allowed us…

Outside-In Testing

Learn how to use a high-level test to guide you through the requirements for a new feature or change. Ben and Joe discuss the benefits of starting with an integration test, how to descend through the layers until you find the unit which needs chan…

Improving Vim Speed

A grab-bag of tips to speed up your vimming!

Feel free to add your own tips, questions, comments or concerns over on the forum!


Real World JSON Parsing with Swift

Last time , we looked at using concepts from Functional Programming and

Generics to parse JSON received from a server into a User model. The final

result of the JSON parsing looked like this:

struct User: JSONDecodable {

let id: Int

let name: String…

Build Phase Podcast: 55: Dad Stuff

This week Mark and Gordon discuss type safety and functional programming in Swift (again), the finer points of making your application accessible, and the only way you should be seeing movies in this day and age.