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How to Find Missing or Unused I18n Translations

While I18n is a great tool for quick copy changes, translation files can quickly

become large and multiply, leaving you with the feeling that there are missing

or unused translations hiding under your nose. Enter

i18n-tasks , which provides - you guessed…

Dependency Management in Rails

Ben and Joe dive into the Upcase exercises system, exploring inversion of control. We previously covered inversion of control, but now we tackle it with a new twist: a new dependency injection framework for Rails which makes this style of developm…

An Introduction to WebGL

On a recent project we had to do a lot of work with WebGL. The

most difficult and frustrating thing about the project was the lack of good

resources on working with WebGL, especially for non-trivial projects. What I did

find was usually focused on…

Four Phases of Testing

This episode covers one method of dividing a test into four distinct phases and the benefits of doing so.

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