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Landing a Rails Job

Ben offers a few concrete tips on landing a new (or better) Rails job.

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Intent to Add

The git add command runs blind, but can be controlled with more fine-grained

precision using the —patch option. This works great for modified and deleted

files, but untracked files do not show up.

$ echo “Hello, World!” > untracked

$ git status …

Tips For Code Review

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Demonstrate Class Design Via TDD

In this episode, Joe and Ben look at a class which was written without using TDD. By rewriting it with tests first, we discover that a new class was waiting to be extracted, making the overall solution clearer.

When you&

Unit Testing JavaScript

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Bonus: Ben being bad at JavaScript.

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Ben and Joe discuss the dos and (mostly) don&ord callbacks. You&sing this feature, with several suggestions for better alternatives.

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