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Isolated Unit Testing

Joe and Ben discuss the benefits and drawbacks of isolated unit testing.

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Mocks Aren&

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Back to Basics: Anonymous Functions and Closures

Anonymous functions and closures are a useful concepts included in most modern

programming languages. Like so many elements of modern programming the closure

has its origins in the early Lisps .

Anonymous functions are used heavily in JavaScript for…

Testing Vanity Metrics

Ben and Joe discuss which testing metrics you can stop caring about (and which you should continue to watch).

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Build Phase Podcast: 58: Saving Lives

This week, a lone recruiter appeared on one of our pull requests. He used ‘recruit’. It wasn’t very effective. This gave Gordon and Mark plenty of fodder to kick the episode off. The fellas discussed a new, major release of Liftoff that adds support for custom build settings and the generation of Swift projects. The use of TDD as a design tool becomes they topic as they discuss Roster, a Swift application under development for internal thoughtbot use.

Speedy Tests

Learn how to keep your TDD cycle snappy and keep your test suites short. Ben and Joe demonstrate an ideal setup for TDD, with focused test runs integrated into the editor. They also discuss approaches for integration and unit testing, as well as h…