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Tips For Code Review

Ben and Joe review several pull requests against the Learn database, pointing out techniques and patterns for having a constructive and efficient code review. Learn how the thoughtbot protocol leads to cleaner and faster reviews. Follow along as w…

An Explained psqlrc

Let’s walk through my short psqlrc(5) to see what I’ve set, and to inspire you

to find your own configuration that fits into your workflow. Here is my

complete psqlrc:

\set ON_ERROR_ROLLBACK interactive




Ben and Joe discuss the dos and (mostly) don&;ts when it comes to ActiveRecord callbacks. You&;ll find out why you&;re generally better off not using this feature, with several suggestions for better alternatives.

Hit us up with any questions or com…

Preload Resource Data into AngularJS

Preloading, or bootstrapping, data resources from the server via HTML is a

common technique used in JavaScript web development. This technique allows the

application to avoid making an extra HTTP request to get that initial data for

rendering on the…

Demonstrate Class Design Via TDD

In this episode, Joe and Ben look at a class which was written without using TDD. By rewriting it with tests first, we discover that a new class was waiting to be extracted, making the overall solution clearer.

When you&;re done, discuss it on the…